A comment on Churchill and MT

I had a comment on the post I wrote that I was not able to put up here as it was written with a false email address. No idea who they were or what position in faith they ascribe to, but thought I would copy and paste it here. It read:

I’m sorry, but I think everyone has collectively lost their marbles.Has no one noticed the sheer sleuthness of Boris? The sheer slime on his face and personality? He was obviously an immoral man. All of these people prophesying about a new Churchill and a new Thatcher are people stuck to the past that are probably prophesying out of a never ending longing for the safety they knew decades ago in the redemptive gift of ruler season that ended with the dawn of the 90s.We are in a redemptive git of mercy era now, and, the old people that knew how things worked “back in the day” keep trying to bring “back in the day” back to today, and, it’s simply wrong. What’s in the past is in the past. Churchill wasn’t perfect, Thatcher wasn’t perfect. They’re dead. Let’s stop wishing them back. Political leaders need to be as per God’s will and if there’s one thing they need to have is morals, and if you read Private Eye or pretty much anything else about Boris you will see that morals weren’t his forte. Christians need to wake up and stop being lulled by mesmerisation.

A great amount of agreement there and a longing for the past, a return of the ‘good old days’ (as if they were!) will not bring us closer to a future. Crises abound, opportunity beckons.

Forgiveness is easy?

A while back I interviewed Michele Perry where she made a plea that the standard Christian response that ‘you need to forgive’ is a little too simplistic. In there she referenced a video of a pastor making confession (part confession) and all the support / understanding / forgiveness for the ‘misdemeanour’ going his way, while the voice of the victim was pretty much silenced… The ‘Christian’ expectation is ‘forgive and get on with it’.

I come back to the Lord’s prayer. If Scottish ‘Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors’; and if English ‘Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us’. (Surely the Scots don’t favour the ‘debt’ cos it has a monetary application?)

Either way it is not ‘forgive our debtors as we know they were somewhat damaged so I understand that they were not reacting cleanly, so I give them a whole load of understanding…’ Now that is true, but not the focus. The focus is ‘they owed me something’, ‘they crossed boundaries and so disrespected my space’, and in the prayer no allowances are made for how they approached the situation with their own wounds. It is name it for what it was. I consider that too often we rush from – yes that is what you experienced but forgive, and do not allow the process.

Monica Lewinsky later came to realise that the approach from the then president was abuse. Not primarily at the sexual level (consent?) but at the power level. President of the USA and an intern… not exactly level ground. Same goes for parents to kids – not equal. (BTW maybe David’s relationship with Bathsheba would be viewed that way in our culture…)

Forgiveness is central – after all ‘and if you do not forgive (and I take that at the root level of ‘release’ being the same word to untie a boat and let her sail) neither will your Father in heaven forgive you’. That’s pretty heavy… but the pathway is ‘they crossed boundaries, they owed me’ not one simply of ‘I need to get over this’.

I think if we insist on a simple forgive with no process there will remain a trigger in place. We meet another person, another situation and all of a sudden we are off on one. Why? Probably because the situation reminds us (consciously / subconsciously) of the former scenario where the boundary was encroached on / they did not give us what they should have.

So some honesty, not total 100% accuracy is needed. They owed me, they trespassed! And this is so often true of parents, or those who were older and in authority.

Quick forgiveness insisted on… probably no great solution.

And finally… come on all you readers of this post. Just consider for a moment how reflective and even pastoral I am. (A brief fleeting moment!)

Churchill & MT

Although living outside the UK the events in the UK are always of interest, and the breaking news is of the resignation of Liz Truss as PM of the UK. 45 days in that seat… Perspectives!

There were a number of prophetic words around Boris Johnson being a ‘new Churchill’; and when the current election was buzzing as to who would come to lead the conservative party I along with a number of others saw a woman coming to that position and that she would be a new ‘Margaret Thatcher’.

A little aside… Two days ago I was hosting with Carl Wills and Gayle a Zoom gathering, and into that I said – if Liz T goes quickly it will show we are seeing something shift quickly. And that is not a comment on her as a person, nor a comment against conservative politics… so here comes the perspective.

Make Britain great again? No. That is not on the heart of God. Prophetic words can often be right, but it is how they meet expectation that the issues begin to arise. The example I have given numerous times is of Peter ‘prophesying’ the identity of Jesus as ‘you are the Christ’. Quickly followed up by ‘not so Lord’, and the wonderful loving rebuke by Jesus of ‘get behind me Satan’.

I am happy with ‘a new Churchill’, ‘a new Margaret Thatcher’, or (elsewhere) ‘he will be a wrecking ball’. It is the next step that becomes important.

So a perspective… Churchill, MT belong to an era, to something from the past. So ties with the ‘again’ words. I believe that those manfestations had to rise to cleanse / get it out of the system for the future. My comment two days ago was that the shift in the past couple of hours is showing us that something is shifting quickly.

We are not through the cleansing… but it is vital that the UK gets a major cleansing. If that happens something can shift in the USA, and also in Europe. So get ready for shakings!!! The hole left will be closed quickly, there will be proclamations that the ship has been steadied and back on course!! However, once true north is lost there is no course.

And we should not be looking for a quick passage through the instability. It is here until there is a cleansing. New global alignments.

Definitely worth a read

Anne, who from time to time comments on this site sent me a link to an article this morning.


The last three sentences being:

It’s ironic that Elon Musk, the man who has been talking about getting us to Mars should be Putin’s messenger for the war in Ukraine, when we’re having a really hard time getting our act together on this planet. But it’s glaringly obvious to ordinary people that we need to do so. Time is not on our side.

It is a very perceptive interview with Fiona Hill, a former adviser to former president Trump… surprise, surprise that I have seldom quoted from those quarters. In the interview she explains also how Putin is using certain people whose egos he can flatter to convey his messages, saying that this was something she experienced while linked to the White House and how she is convinced this is continuing to happen.

She also speaks of a global change of world order – a before and an after. Maybe co-incidentally but for the past couple of years I have spoken of ‘my next 20 years’ being my focus (not so young by then, and I also know that I only have today, being the common theme in Scripture to focus on, so trying to live with that implicit conflict). A few days ago I was privileged to listen to someone make a statement that resonated strongly that we see seasons so differently to someone of African origin. A season has to be over soon, for us. However they pointed out that seasons can be 40 days, 40 years, 400 years! Then they spoke of – and I sat up and listened – that the season we are in being one of 20 years duration. That so witnesses with my spirit.

Anyway… the read is good and informative.

An invitation!!

Help bring some Brazilians to a conference.

Well that is a nice way to put ‘if you were thinking of finding a way to part with some dosh, here is one way I can suggest!’ (Hate asks for money that make it all sound as if the request is doing you a favour… but PLEASE read on.)

As readers of this blog will be aware Gayle works within Authentic (Life and Business). I had a connection with Andrew Chua in 2004, and reconnected more substantially in 2020 when I attended the Ignite conference, where they were helping train those who wished to move toward facilitating / consulting in the business arena. I called Gayle each night, and said ‘I love the material, it is probably way over my head, but it will be like a hand in glove if and when you connect with it; and the second part I love is their approach to money.’

Well Gayle is going to be part of the next Ignite training conference in January in Ashburnham Place. We (Gayle and I) want to help some Brazilians that she has been working with for a while to get across to the conference, and also to have some extra time to dialogue. They are people that we know / have known for years. They are not ‘monied’, Brazil’s economy is not similar to the UK, so money is a challenge. We would love for them (how many depends on how much dosh can be available – up to 4 people if possible) to be able to attend.

We will be making a contribution so invite anyone else who would like to to join us. (You can also email me – martin@3generations.eu to get any other information you want about this.)

How to give?

We have arranged with David Erasmus and his charity ‘BroadPlace’ so that gifts (UK-wise) can be given into the charity with the additional bonus of Gift Aid being added to the contribution.

If you need to contact David directly: info@broadplace.org.uk or david.erasmus@broadplace.org.uk

So either email me directly or David to get details of the bank account and procedure. David will need your email to send you a GiftAid form and also a procedural Data record permission form.

The Ignite conference – hey think about coming. You will love it, and probably not over your head at all.

To register: https://bit.ly/ignitejan2023

Kenarchy Volume 4

Yes the Kenarchy Journal Volume 4 is out. Here are the titles in this volume:

  • Kenosis in Catastrophe
  • Creation and Kenosis
  • Discharged from the Law: Paulos, Anarchy and Spirit. Exploring Romans 6-8 With Gershom Scholem and Walter Benjamin
  • The Eucharist as Iconic Experience of Divine Love: Ancient – Future Orienteering with Julian of Norwich
  • False Doctrine, False God, False Economy: Scarcity and Abundance in the Song of Solomon
  • A Gospel of Exclusion? Implications of Employing Nehemiah as Exemplar in American Political Rhetoric
  • With three book reviews at the close.

The Kenarchy Journal, with Roger and Sue Mitchell at the core of it, has now come into partnership with the Institute of Religion, Peace and Justice, and it is also now their academic journal. If you think the academic side is too tough, skim an article, find a paragraph that resonates… As we shift from Empire to chaos, we need to keep imagination, faith and hope alive. Go get yourself over there and check it out.


Remembering who you are

I am about to go on a Zoom to learn a little bit about politics, and do I need to learn a lot – no comment please!! Last night I was also on a Zoom. I was blown away. A woman from Nigeria who resides in the UK gave us (I exaggerate not) a thousand nuggets of wisdom. One day when I finally grow up I will have 2% of her insights. Until then…

There are so many aspects I could pick up on but the one that is simply reverberating in my mind and spirit still some 24 hours later went something like this.

We all need a place / a land where we remember who we are.

I might be misquoting it slightly, but I understood the issue of place / land can also be expanded into a relational context. How easy to forget who I am. Paul hits how we see others – we now see who they are in new creation realities. But maybe when we quote Paul we should start with we see no-one according to the flesh (societal / parental / gender / class etc. categories) we should quote it with a mirror in hand.

I had a Zoom call with Roger Mitchell today and reflected on the quote. He responded with – and the opposite is true. We can find places / situations / contexts where we forget who we are.

Israel had three main feasts. Get yourself there if at all possible. The feasts were to remind Israel of who they were, where they had come from, what shaped them and where they were headed. (And of course I see the Synagogue routine as a major step back from that.) They had to visit a place / an appointed time when they remembered who they were. Three times a year was enough to keep them focused.

For some of us home might be that place. For some of us home might be the very place where we forget who we are.

Who are you? Identity, not defined by anything external. Shaped of course by the negatives as well as the positives we have experienced. But deeper than that. This is who I am.

Find the place, the context, get there as often as you need to in order to REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE.

Rosie, thank you. I was, and I am sure the others on the call were, deeply impacted.

Tomorrow: invite and reminder

A quick post to remind you that there is an ‘open zoom’ tomorrow evening, Tuesday 4th at 7:30pm UK time. (NO OBLIGATION TO SHOW UP.) A few months back we began with a theme of ‘what do you see?’, ‘what do you notice?’. 3 months ago we were privileged to have some very insightful input from Pete McKinney, a perspective from Ireland (as well as heaven!).

This is the theme we are continuing to pursue.

This time we will have another voice that will bring perspectives from the edge. Rosie Benjamin has an African heritage and carries that joyful love of life so characteristic of that continent. I believe she has insights to offer us on how to keep joy and hope alive as we look to navigate the challenging times that we are entering.

Steve Lowton will hold the space for Rosie and for responses. Alongside Steve, Ro Lavender will help facilitate our responses and voices.

We are not looking for definitive responses, ‘truth’ (or maybe for us ‘something approximating to helpful perspectives’) seem to lie between us rather than reside within us an individual.

Here is the Zoom link for the evening:


Meeting ID: 572 803 9267
Passcode: 5GkMTA

Zooms: discussion on the best books

Well the best books I have written on these subjects!!

Yes… books books books. I used to have around 4000 and left them in the UK, leaving them with friends and packing up a couple of boxes that one day I will get to Spain – maybe. Good for me though as I wasn’t a great reader! I have discovered if I hear someone I can pretty much grasp what they are on about and then read what they have written. My books, though, are so easy to understand – even I get what I am trying to communicate! Enough…

I am starting a discussion by Zoom on Book #2, Significant Other, on September 12th, 8:00pm UK time. You would be most welcome to join, though I would recommend reading through Vol. 1, Humanising the Divine, before joining as it will give something of a foundation.

I am also hoping to start a new group with Vol. 1 in January. If interested in seeing if that would work for you drop me an email with what times work for you (I prefer evenings, but have run a day time group (UK times)). Go to the ‘About’ label on the menu and there find the ‘Contact Me’ to drop me an email.

October 4th Open Zoom

Almost 3 months ago we were privileged to have some very insightful input from Pete McKinney, a perspective from Ireland (as well as heaven!). Now we have another voice from the edge joining us in October. Rosie Benjamin has an African heritage and carries that joyful love of life so characteristic of that continent. I do believe she has insights to offer us on how to keep joy and hope alive as we look to navigate the challenging times that we are entering.

October 4th, 7:30pm UK time.

Zoom link:

Meeting ID: 572 803 9267
Passcode: 5GkMTA

These evenings are not for experts, but for open sharing. Hearing, presenting our own perspectives and questions we carry. As we do that I expect we will all be enriched.

Look forward to seeing many of you there.